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Low-Stress Holidays, Tips for Every Project Manager

christmassHere are the holidays.

During the holidays, there is a plenty of tasks that must be coordinated by you as a project manager.

  • Several employees off work so resource management is a critical question.
  • In most of the projects end of the year is the project closure deadline or at least a critical milestone.
  • End of the year business also has to be conducted.

So if you feel a work-related stress it is not a surprise, but how to deal with these questions?

There are 5 points in which you can help managing the project well.

  1. Be flexible with the employees but let the people know: important tasks and jobs can not be overlooked.
  2. Prioritize what needs to be done and make sure those are done and consider the rest a bonus.
  3. Block out time for projects and make sure you use that time wisely.
  4. The cardinal sin of the holiday season for every project manager is over committing. So do not do it.
  5. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You can gear up for the new year after the holidays have passed.

So be a good project manager and take the holiday into account when creating project plans.

This helps you and your colleagues to have a low-stress holiday.

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Low-Stress Holidays – Tips for Every Project Manager
As a project manager, you are sure to have realized that things are a little different around the workplace lately. Most likely this is due to the holidays. During the holidays, there is a lot that …

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