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 How To Align Organization With Agile Workforce?

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Written by Otto Sipos

Leaders recognize that lean and agile business strategies require new ways of accessing talent to fill critical gaps.

This article from +Harvard Business Review  answers some important questions, like:

  • According to studies, how much of corporate FTEs are supplied by external resources?
  • What are the main issues to access and reach agile talents?
  • Why decision making can be a problematic area?
  • How external-internal competition occurs and why this can be an issue for the organization?
  • How externals may think about the organizational processes?
  • How does the organization view externals?
  • How can failure to deliver expected results be a challenge?
  • What can cause that companies depend more on the agile talent for fulfilling strategic capabilities?
  • How do organizations that get the most from agile talent work?
  • What are the most critical questions of strategic, performance, relationship and administrative alignments?

Find answers for these questions here:
Aligning Your Organization with an Agile Workforce

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