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Best Open Source Project Management Software

best open source project management tools
Written by Otto Sipos

What is the best open source project manager software?

It is highly depends on what is your aim with using the software.

Here we collected some of the most popular ones. Try them and you can decide which one to use further.


Gantter is a FREE web-based project management tool, mainly for project scheduling. You can think of it as a web-based Microsoft Project.

Gantter features all the power of leading desktop scheduling software products without users having to buy or install anything and allows you to save and share your project schedules from the cloud.


ProjectLibre is one of the open source replacements of Microsoft Project. This is compatible with MS Project 2010.

You can create Gantt and PERT charts besides network diagrams with it.

It is also used for Earned Value Costing.


web2Project is an open source business-oriented Project Management System (PMS).


OpenProject is free and open source software for project management with a wide set of features and plugins and an active international community.

Tuleap Open ALM

Tuleap is a software development and project management tool.

Tuleap allows agile, traditional, hybrid or custom processes for project management. It supports planning, sprints, tasks, reports and more.



OrangeScrum is a great project management app for freelancers, agencies, small & medium businesses.

OrangeScrum helps to collaborate people with different roles and responsibilities with varied objectives.

Here is a short video about using OrangeScrum:


Taiga is an agile, free, open source project management tool.

Watch the tutorial videos to understand how to use Taiga.


It was formerly known as OpenERP, is a full suite of business applications. It can be used for project management as well.

Odoo’s collaborative and real-time project management helps you get the work done.

Organize projects around your own processes. Work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; schedule tasks in the gantt chart and control deadlines in the calendar view.

This open source software provides you with a variety of tools that can be easily adapted to your own project management system.

Create specific stages for each project, so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way.


MyCooab is an open source project management, crm and document software for small or mid size of any distributed team.

You can keep latest updates of your projects includes milestones, tasks and task groups. You can also send message to team to announce an important event or see reports give you the correct understanding of your project performance.

Check these open source PM software to find the best for your organization needs.

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