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Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell – video

agile product ownership in a nutshell
Written by Otto Sipos

Agile product ownership is not easy to explain in a traditional organization.

This video is a clear, visual presentation of the topic by Henrik Kniberg.

Link to the original video:

This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into 15 minute animated presentation. There’s obviously more to product ownership than this, so see this is a high level summary.

Henrik also have made the link for the drawing available.


You can download it from here:

Main points in the agile product ownership video

01:06 Capacity – stories released by the agile team

01:50 Stories, ideas produced by the stakeholders

02:03 Overload in putting stories to the agile team for production. Lower motivation.

02:45 How can product owner control the input?

03:40 Unacceptably long demand queue

03:50 The most important word: “NO”

04:30 Importance of communication

05:05 Value and size helps in prioritization

05:30 Find the value by constant communication with the parties (stakeholders, agile team, product owner)

06:22 Need to break stories into chunks

07:15 Emphasize on passion and communication

07:40 Focus on the big picture

07:50 Risks: Business, social, tech, cost, schedule

08:35 Time – Customer value curve

09: 15 Value = knowledge value + customer value

09:22 Short vs long-term value

09:40 Expectations management

12:05 Output vs outcome. The goal is to reach the expected outcome.

14:15 Honest way of communication

14: 40 Maintaining sustainable pace

14:50 Working with multiple product owners

My final words

After watching this video, you have no excuse to use and present this video in your organization if there is a misunderstanding in the product owner’s role.

Please, emphasize the customer value point of view to your stakeholders as well.

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