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9 Lists of Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Written by Otto Sipos

Applying for a new project manager job is very stressful even if you have rich experience and good knowledge.

Here I collect the best resources with project manager job interview questions and answers.

As a preparation, read all of those questions you can find here and try to answer them.

If you do this mental exercise it will be far easier for you to have a good impression and convince who conduct the interview.

1. Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers PDF

In this pdf you can find a great selection of interview questions from a HR company who spend a lot of time preparing both project managers and project support professionals for their interviews.

project manager interview questions and answers pdf

Answer them one by one.

2. Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

General and professional questions are asked during an interview for a project management job.

project management interview questions and answers

Those are not always easy to answer questions.

Have you ever faced any disagreements in your previous job? How did you solve it out?

Be prepared to answer them.

3. Project Manager Interview

project manager interview

The best project managers are like axles — they smoothly link management, clients and staff to keep projects rolling along. If you want to be the top candidate for a project manager job, make sure you can answer questions about your technical competence, business methodology and interpersonal skills in the job interview.

21 project manager interview questions from Monster

4. Project Manager Interview Questions to Ask

project manager interview questions to ask

Why do not put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter?

This 10 killer interview questions for hiring a project manager can help you tremendously.

There are explanations for each of them, why those questions are good, and you can find bad answers for them as well that tell a lot about the applicants.

Learn from the bad answers and be the one who win the job.

5. Construction Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

construction project manager interview questions and answers

If you apply for a construction project management position, this is for you.

For example, if the ask you to describe the skills you acquired during the project, you can answer:

I encountered a number of difficulties on this project that required an innovative approach. I used group problem solving sessions as one of these approaches. This worked well because it helped each team member to clarify their particular project role and responsibility and we were able to develop plans and realistic schedules that the whole project team contributed to …

Because the construction works are among the riskier ones, prepare for a long interview where the recruiters want to know as much as possible about your knowledge and experience. Be prepared for these questions.

6. IT Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

IT project manager interview questions and answers

In order to help candidates throughout the preparation process, they gathered 30 commonly asked interview questions and answers for project manager candidates and 10 questions you should ask the employer.

Yes, do not miss the opportunity to asked them to decide if the job is proper for You at all.

7. Infrastructure Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

infrastructure project manager interview questions and answers

In this post, you can find three of the most common interview questions for an infrastructure project manager position with sample answers.

8. Junior Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

junior project manager interview questions and answers

If you are a junior project manager you may not able to talk about too much projects you were involved in.

Do not worry!

Talk about the specifics. Talk about the goal and specific results of the project.

And do not forget to answer these nearly 50 questions as a preparation for the interview.

Final words

You are a professional.

You are a project manager who has excellent communications skills.

Use those to convince the recruiters.

You should not be too stressed because as we, project managers, are in so much unexpected situations that have to be solved day by day that a job interview seems to be just a friendly talk.

Just think about your last discussion with a difficult stakeholder.

So be prepared and have a good luck for the interview.

I hope I helped with the project manager interview questions and answers above.

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